Ghanaian men don’t like to spend on women” — Fast Rising Nigeria Singer Ijekimore says.



“I heard Ghanaian men don’t like to spend. I hear they don’t like to release cash. All my Ghanaian girlfriends are dating Nigerian men because of money.

“I don’t know how much my girlfriends spend but they are happy. The Nigerian men use their money to get the girls.” – She claims.

The US dollar is the globally recognized currency against which the value of all other currencies is measured. It’s a somewhat arbitrary standard, but it’s what the global economy has established.

Using today’s exchange rates, let’s compare the value of the Ghanaian cedi (GHS) and the Nigerian naira (NGN) to determine which currency holds superior value.

Keep in mind that this assessment is made amidst concerns about the depreciation of the cedi, attributable to actions by Akufo Addo and his clueless mate.

Exchange rates – Dollar against Cedi and Naira:

1 USD = 13.45 Ghs
1 USD = 1,190 Naira

The disparity is evident. It takes ¢13.45 pesewas to obtain $1, whereas you need 1,190 Naira for the same. (Consider the sound of “1,190” in Ghana Cedis)!

On other exchange rates: Cedis against the Naira.

Gh¢1 = 88.50 Naira

1 Naira = Gh¢ 0.011

Remarkably, 1 Naira isn’t even up to 1 pesewa, a coin we don’t even use in Ghana because of its negligible value.

Based on this analysis, let’s address a claim: Ghanaian men are accused of being stingy, prompting Ghanaian women to seek Nigerian partners who allegedly give more freely. But how much are Nigerian men actually spending on those Ghanaian women?

In Ghana, even side chicks are reportedly earning ¢2,500 daily. That’s equivalent to 214,072.47 Naira. Conversely, 2,500 Nigerian Naira is merely Gh¢ 29.20, barely enough to buy a pack of Waakye at Nima.

Consider this scenario: if a Ghanaian man spends ¢5,000 on you monthly, but you choose a Nigerian man who spends 20,000 Naira on you monthly, it’s not because the Nigerian man is spending more. It’s because your numerical literacy may have failed you.

Gh¢5,000 equals 442,509.77 Nigerian Naira, whereas 20,000 Naira is equivalent to Gh¢225.98, hardly enough to prepare Groundnut soup with Banku.

Finally, the value of 1 million Naira in Ghana Cedis is Gh¢11,299.22. (This cannot even buy a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max).

Conversely, 1 million Ghana Cedis is equivalent to 88.5 million Naira—a sum that can buy land in Lagos, build luxurious apartments, buy cars, start a business, marry and even have 10 side chicks in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the seemingly small amount your Ghanaian boyfriend spends on you is often more valuable than the larger sum from your Nigerian boyfriend. Unless you’re prepared to relocate to Nigeria to spend the Naira there, the choice may not be as lucrative as it seems.