A cluster of Bawumia, Mahama and Akuffo Addo cannot help Ghana – Shata Wale insists


Shata Wale formerly known as Bandana in his series of interviews with Kafui dey has disclosed many interesting phenomena in the country Ghana including Social Welfare and Economic and political issues in the country.

The Ayoo singer states clearly that the Ghanaian populace perhaps has not yet awoken from the situation they find themselves in, stressing the need for all to rise and make life themselves instead of waiting for promises that never lead to anything.

He stated
“If you have been hungry before, you will know how to look for the success of your own life. You won’t pretend. The whole system is just pretending, including the citizens and that is why we have presidents coming in and telling us things they cannot do and we just sit and watch them.

“When Mahama was in power, I was watching people say he wasn’t doing anything. Now that Akufo-Addo is also in power, they are saying the same thing. I always say this, and I once said it in my song that bring Bawumia, Akufo-Addo, and Mahama together to rule the country and people will still say they aren’t doing anything,” he emphasised.

The Dancehall musician also made some shocking revelations he got from the almighty God on how to rectify the anomaly in the country.

“One day I was seeking answers from God about how the country is turning, and he told me that we have to step on toes to solve the problem. He said, currently, everyone is suffering, and we have to step on toes to solve the problem,” he stated.