Afua Asantewaa has offered to do another Sing-a-ton should her husmand and management team allow her.


The screens have been filled with Afua Asantewaa’s name of late with stories of how she remained strong throughout the five days singing marathon to her secret disqualification and now a new proposal to Ghanaians of a possible return, the young lady seems to have fire in her.

“If Ghanaians would ever want me to do this [sing-a-thon attempt] again, with the permission of my management and husband, I am ready to do it,” she said while speaking in an interview on Okay FM.

She was however unforgettable of her fans, remembering their every supportive act towards them, she recalls instances where some ladies supported her throughout all those days even raising concern for their well-being.

Afua denied the thoughts that Ghanaians don’t support their own.

“I am proof that Ghanaians support their own, looking at how they rallied behind me during the sing-a-thon. I will forever be grateful for the support of Ghanaians. Some ladies stayed at the venue throughout the period. I don’t know how they bathed or survived. It was amazing,” she said.

Guinness Word Records, through its official social media handle, announced that Afua Asantewaa’s sing-a-thon attempt was not successful.

This was after a tweep had tweeted at the organisation inquiring about the outcome after Afua Asantewaa’s statement that she had paid $750 to expedite action.

“Unfortunately Afua’s Guinness World Records attempt for the longest singing marathon was not successful, but we hope that she will make another attempt soon. We’ve seen how inspirational it has been for her fans.

“The evidence check had already begun before Afua requested priority service, so we refunded her payment earlier this month. We wish Afua the best of luck with any future record attempts,” the tweet from GWR said.

“Afua Asantewaa’s sing-a-thon attempt was not successful due to guidelines around rest break timings not being met. These rules are standard across all of our ‘longest marathon’ records. We’ve seen how inspirational it has been for her fans…We wish Afua the best of luck with any future record attempts,” the statement contained.