Amina Haroun suspended for three month for revealing Kuame Eugene’s health issue


According to reports coming from the University of  Ghana Hospital Kuame Eugene who was receiving treatment after getting involved in an accident is the subject of a patient confidentiality breach.

One Doctor Amina Haroun breached an ethics code when she disclosed Mr Eugene’s health issues to the public urging them to pray for him to recover quickly, this alerted the hospital authorities who took necessary measures to suspend her license for three months.

She later apologized realizing the harm she had created by being emotional.

Dr. Amina Haroun, who was presumably working at the medical facility where Kuami Eugene was being treated, has since expressed remorse for her actions and issued an apology.

“I am writing to express my sincere apology for the ‘violation of code of ethics’ I made on [Monday 18th March 2024]. I am aware that my actions not only caused inconvenience but also impacted the team’s overall performance. I take full responsibility for my actions and understand the seriousness of the matter.

“I am highly regretful of the inconveniences caused to the Patient due to my violation of our ‘Code Of Ethics’. Mistakes are made for lessons to be learned, henceforth, will not repeat such mistakes in the future, and am trying my best to solve this as soon as possible,” she wrote.

“I accept the consequences of both my license being suspended for Three months, and will gladly serve my punishment by staying away from any Hospital facility unless been called to.

“Sorry, there really is no excuse for what I did. I promise I didn’t have any bad intentions and can only apologise. This is completely and totally my fault. I feel horrible and never meant to upset anyone, please accept my most sincere apology,” she stated in an apology letter.