Among the many chosen in the music industry one stands tall – Daddy Lumba


Charles Kwadwo Fosu popularly known in the  mainstream media as Daddy Lumba is Perhaps one of the few musicians who has been blessed for eternity and as he releases the sounds so does he generates the generation who promote the songs.

Formerly of the Lumba Music Group Daddy Lumba travelled to Germany to seek greener pasture where his destiny collided with Ernest Nana Acheampong who was well vexed in the high life music eventually introducing Lumba to High life, he often credits Nana Acheampong for showing him the other side of music.

His accolades hasn’t been short of Controversy as he is known for provocative songs and naked videos then he soothes every with a gospel kind of music.

His hit album woho kyere which was a song to contend with one multiple awards including album and best song of the year plus artist of the year indeed there is a reason he is credited as the greatest musician of all time in Ghana.

His ability to blend in Youthfulness and old age speaks volumes of an artist who usable to adapt in time and thus never aging and ever young.

He has been consistent with the release of multiple-hit albums since then and has established himself as one of Ghana’s most popular singers of the Highlifegenre

His solo career has not been mixed with controversy,one moment he would release a gospel album and the next he would shock people with his provocative lyrics and music videos. He has also faced accusations of skin bleaching.He has however denied bleaching his skin.

Lumba is perhaps the few musicians  whose music will linger in eternity.