Dorival Junior Blasted For Labelling Robihno A Fantastic Person


The head coach of the Brazilian national team has branded former national team player Robinho and this has resulted in a lot of criticism about the coach who is perhaps blasted for praising a rapist.

In 2017 Robinho was convicted of rape and subsequently ordered to serve a sentence of nine years in his native country when asked about the matter Dorival Junior had not but profound memories of a player he had coached before saying.

“As the coach of the national team, I have an obligation to speak out. First, I think it’s a very delicate situation. Robinho was my player [at Santos in 2010], a fantastic person, such a professional … I didn’t have the opportunity to work with Daniel [Alves], but we all know his story within football. It’s a difficult time for us to express any and all situations.

“First, I think about the families of the people involved. Especially the victims involved in these episodes, which happen in our country and around the world and which, suddenly, are not addressed. They are hushed up because people don’t have a voice. If there was a type of crime that was proven, it must be penalized.

“As much as it hurts my heart to talk about this, about a person with whom I had an exceptional relationship, I care much more for the victims, for the families, as well as for their families too. I know how painful it must have been for each of them to go through a moment like this.

“I don’t wish this on anyone, I feel for everything they will go through from then on in their lives, everyone who is involved, what I can do is help them with prayers, nothing more.”

This prompted commentator Natalia Lara to voice her displeasure saying “Dorival Junior’s speech hurts my heart. Because there is no ‘if’. Robinho was sentenced to 9 years in prison. There is no ‘if’, Dorival. He was convicted. Brazilian football needs to stop being lax and talking about rape. Because it hurts the victim’s skin. It doesn’t hurt for you, Dorival. It hurts for us, it’s a slap in the face, as Leila Pereira so rightly said. Yes, she has the courage to speak, something you didn’t have.”