Efya laments indecent activities on live Television.


The multitalented singer and vocalist Efya is worried about how many indecent acts on TV have been allowed by the authorities while the future of children nowadays is uncertain.

Vicky Zugah raised this controversy when her studio videos started popping up on live TV, the Ghanaian actress’s Red Light shows are meant to teach the less informed about how to master the pleasures of the body, the right spot to engage and not to.

The adult show is meant to teach partners how to take pleasures from their genitals without actually conforming to making love.

The woman is seen on live Tv sucking a dildo while the man caress upon her Vulva through her mesh outfit whiles another video witnessed the woman gently sitting on the man’s face.

Finally, the show became a subject of complaints facing disgust from the public who remained confused about why such an act would be shown on live TV.

Among those was Efya Nockturnal, who took to her X handle to air her displeasure over the videos.

“Why are there live sexual acts being telecasted on national television?! Ugh, why? Mehn!,” she posted.

In another post in reply to a fan, she lamented that there was a drop in the standards of media broadcasting in the country.

“Bro! The standards have fallen so low!” she said.

Fans perhaps are not impressed by such acts and will be hoping upon Efya’s intervention the government will tap in to solve the issue once and for all because it is a national agenda against the proper development of our kids.


Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com