Ex-Barcelona player sentenced to 4 and half years for rape – Dani Alves


Perhaps one of the football greats to have graced the modern game of football, Dani Alves as the right back of this golden generation is terrifying, especially when the 40-year-old has represented a chunk of clubs across the European sea and beyond.

His exploits on the pitch will be remembered for years to come, especially with his native country already noted for having quality full-backs, beautiful and strong plus consistent names such as Roberto Carlos, Cafu, etc comes to mind.

But like the old saying says no great mind doesn’t suffer in a way, Alvez finally succumbed to the pressure of the opposite sex and gave in to rape, the story may be sad but why a player of his caliber couldn’t recognize that he has become brand and such should protect his image at all cost.

Neymar made matters worse for the former Brazilain international After Brazilian Minister for Women Cida Goncalves called the sentence “soft” for such an “atrocity” (via Sport), President of the Worker’s Party and representative Gleisi Hoffman has hit out at Neymar for allegedly paying the €150,000 (£129,000/$164,000) in damages that ex-Brazil and Barcelona team-mate Alves was supposed to pay the victim.

Hoffman said, via Football Espana: “The conviction of the rapist Daniel Alves is pedagogical and exemplary, it shows that society no longer tolerates sexist and misogynistic behavior. The absurd thing was that he borrowed money from Neymar, paid the compensation, and reduced the sentence, something that does not solve anything for the victim, it does not erase their suffering.”

On the pitch he represented Seville, Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona, etc, there is no doubt Dani Alvez was a superb player who shone with aggression throughout his playing days but we the fans fear that such a piece of bad news may darken a career he has struggled so hard to build.