Forget the Champions League i made the right choice coming to Barcelona – Joao Cancelo


Manchester City player on loan at Barcelona has labeled the club ungrateful for ignoring his heroics for the team even when he had sacrificed so much for them and accusing Pep Guardiola of lies against him.

Quizzed  on whether he will prefer to go on two successive loan spells with an exclusive interview with A Bola, Cancelo replied: “No, I really didn’t think so, but I live my life by the moment. Certain things dictated that I was loaned last year to Bayern Munich. I have no regrets, even if City won the Champions League. I feel like I made the right choice, that I went to a club that really wanted me, even before renewing my contract. It was a club that gave me a lot in the six months I was there. I dealt with great players and the club is spectacular. Then I came here, lowered my salary and I’m not bothered by it in the slightest. This was the third time I was about to come to Barcelona and I’m finally here.”

Joao Cancelo after a spat with Pep Guardiola fell short and thus had to go on loan to Bayern Munich where he eventually won the League as expected but opted against prolonging his stay in Germany and subsequently left on a second loan at Barcelona where he has regained his spark on the field even though he had to reduce his salary due Barca’s financial woes.

Cancelo’s tenure at Camp Nou is due to end at the end of the season and we are yet to see whether he will be part of the Spaniard’s plans.