France pass milestone Abortion Bill


France has become the first European country to pass the highly anticipated abortion bill which has become a headache for most countries to do the same.

The evolution of abortion rights has come a long way but France has become the first country to enshrine the bill in their constitution, unlike before when it became an abomination.

In 1967 contraceptives were legalized to prevent unwanted pregnancies and in 1971 most of the women in Paris decided to speak out against the too-controlling system that denied them the very privilege of their bodies which they called the Manifesto of the 300.

Perhaps the cover of religion or, precisely the Catholic church struck fear into all, especially women who are normally the weaker target, afraid of going to hell and the many stories but the reality was that those raped could never escape the judgment of the society and above having bastard children.

President Macron on Women’s Day in France made a public statement issued statement saying

“The destiny of these women, their suffering, their fear, the addresses exchanged under the cloak, of clandestine operations, of stifled cries, of impossible recoveries, of secrecy, of suspicions, of sermons, of the risk of losing everything, one’s happiness and one’s life,” he added.

“Yes, for too many years, women’s destinies were sealed by others. Their lives captured, their freedom scorned.”

The law will now protect women across the country especially teenagers who cannot control their sexual libido and make it free for fathers who are not ready psychologically to take care of babies much less groom them into better men in society.