Freemason is for the purely innocent – kofi Jumah


Former Major of Kumasi Kofi Jumah has made an interesting claim about the Freemason group that has been rumored over time to be bloody and centered around a lot of rituals and despicable acts.

However the Managing director of  GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited  has rebuffed such statement calling it untrue and rather saying that it is rather opposite and that it is a friendly cycle who tolerate only the clean heart and the innocent hence only for those who can build genuine connections.

He added that he loves the society because they have fun together, stressing that the basic requirement to join them is to be of good character and be dignified in all affairs possible.

“I’ve been a Freemason before. I still owe them, and it’s fine, but I’ll pay. I love them; they enjoy themselves.

“… We read the Bible, that’s it. I haven’t seen anything else… nothing, only the Bible. If there was any ritual, I wouldn’t be part of it… Freemason is strictly for men with good character… somebody looked at me and recommended me… the society is not for the elite only, just that you must be of good character. That is, you are not involved in any criminal stuff, you have not murdered, you have not stolen,” he explained.

He made this interest revelation on Adubia TV insisting that the society is aways interested in highlighting rumors instead of actually going for the truth and investigating thoroughly and concluding with answer that doesn’t bring fear.