From an early age the heir to Michael Jackson had been born – Chris Brown


Maurice Christopher Brown is an American Singer, Songwriter, Dancer and actor but he is popularly known in the mainstream media as Chris Brown and only a few can match this man in term of musical honors.

Chris Brown’s rise to stardom was somewhat mixed with a whole lots of childhood traumas especially with his been his abusive step father, in an interview with Shannon sharpe the ‘With You’ singer narrated how he had to endure the sounds of his mother getting beating all the time.

Chris further narrates how he witnessed his mothers boy friend shoot himself in the head only to miss and incur blindness thus laying all his frustration on his mother who was always the weak target.

With more than 20 albums to his accolades the man dubbed the heir to Micheal Jackson has sold over 140 million copies across the world and was labeled as one of the third most influential artist of the 2010 era.

The king of R&B is Chris brown had a very torrid relationship with fellow artist and former girlfriend  Rihanna who Chris Brown pledge guilty to felony charges from which he went to jail for 5 years.

According to psychologist any trauma the mind experience has a way of reflecting in his own personal life should he grow up, such was the case of the King of Pop.

They say every genius is suffering in a way and this is Chris Brown in spite of the world at his feet is having severe childhood traumas which is impacting his life negatively