From drowning to mortuary, shrine, before hospital: How Junior Pope died in a boat accident.



Nigeria Nollywood actor travelled on a boat to a filming location. There were not enough life jackets onboard. Junior Pope selflessly relinquished his life jacket to ensure the safety of a crew member, opting to forgo his own protection.

The boat overturned on its return journey from the filming location. Lots of bodies went missing.

Upon retrieval from the water, Junior Pope was immediately pronounced dead, compounding the tragedy.

Instead of swiftly transporting him to a medical facility for a thorough assessment, his body was taken to a mortuary for preservation.

Astonishingly, it was at the mortuary that a mortician made the startling discovery that Junior Pope was still alive, despite the precious time lost.

Rather than promptly rushing him to a hospital for urgent medical intervention, he was shockingly conveyed to a native doctor at a shrine.

The futile efforts at the shrine only exacerbated the delay in receiving critical medical care, leading to further anguish and despair.

Ultimately, Junior Pope was belatedly transported to a hospital, where he was declared dead. Hmm black man!

The decision to resort to spiritual remedies instead of prioritizing immediate medical attention for a victim of a physical accident defies common sense.

JP’s lungs were filled with water, causing him to suffocate. Instead of administering CPR and rushing him to a hospital, he was thoughtlessly taken to a shrine. What expertise does a native doctor possess in resuscitating a drowning victim? This is unbelievable!

Those responsible for the mishandling of this critical situation bear a heavy burden of culpability for Junior Pope’s untimely death. The stupidity in Africa is becoming too much.


Source National Television