Geremi demands divorce from a lying and backstabing wife


Former Chelsea and Real Madrid player Geremi Njitap has accused his wife of infidelity and demands divorce as soon as possible after discovering their twins were fathered by the ex-husband.

The player had this to say

The papers read: “If at the beginning of this union the wife was kind, she did not stop lying, presenting as hers the twin children born on June 5, 2008 (4 years before the marriage), everything that motivated their union.

“That the discovery by the husband that said children were those of her previous husband because they were born during this marriage will alter the harmony of the couple. More seriously, the paternity test carried out will confirm it, forcing his wife to confess, also convince him to let the children go regularly to their legitimate and biological father.”

The documents add that although Laure was “a complacent wife, she closed the marital bedroom forcing her husband to sleep in other rooms of the marital residences. That he was forced to move away from the marriage residence after threats from the daughter of her wife from this previous union that she promised to call the police.”

So wonderful that it is every man’s wish to finally settle down and in the process, hearts are eventually broken, as is the case of one of football’s players from Cameroon whose years of players competitive football from 2003 to 2007 had to endure such betrayal from a love one from a wife and from his better half.

We are yet to see what the outcome of the matter is.