Ghanaians have taken too long to celebrate one of the stars that the Universe gives in a thousand years – Kwadwo Antwi


Julius Kwadwo Antwi better known with the stage name Kwadwo Antwi is more of a Reggae, Afro pop and R&B artist who has over the years contributed his quota to the country by delivering good and better music for all and beyond.

Darkuman a suburb of Accra is blessed to have been the birth place of the mercurial vocalist, hails from a family of 13 and once the president of Chamro.

Mr Music man has he is known by is the first Ghanaian artist to be nominated for a BET award, 1986 witnessed the release of his first album titled all I need is you.

There aren’t many who have had the privilege to hear their music recognized worldwide, Kwadwo Antwi was always going to bigger than reality, you may say it’s hard for someone to made it in Ghana but we are speaking of a man who was born to do music.

With 22 album’s to his accolades Tom&Jerry became noted in the world and if his name is new it means they never heard or read about him.

His latest album, ‘Tattoo’ is the 12th in a long and fascinating career. Every single song on this album is an indication of the growth and maturity very few African musicians have and the operatic ‘Me Dware’ is simply a masterpiece.

He has won several Ghana Music Awards and international awards like Best Male Artist fro West Africa, at the 2003 All Africa Music Awards, Our Music Award, Kora Award, West Africa Tourism award among many others.