GRA says i owe over ₵9 billion since Bandana era – Shata Wale


Popular Ghanaian musician Shata Wale has disclosed to Kafui Dey on Ghana Television GTV that the Ghana Revenue Authority is always demanding a chunk amount of tax even going as far as including taxes since his Bandana era.

He, however, finds it amusing considering Ghana lacks the proper creative avenue to promote artists but is ready to tax them when they shine, which he says is not fair to the people, he challenges the proper authorities to implement measures to facilitate the quick rise of artiste in Ghana so that they can benefit from them in the future.

“I have been paying for my Google map service for over three years, I pay $8,000, $7,000 and nobody is paying attention to it but ever since they heard that Shaxi is in business, GRA and co, have been chasing me with tax. Where were they when I was struggling? I have been paying taxes for music that I had not even made money from. GRA is taxing me for my music, they say I owe about GH¢9 billion, backdated to the Bandana era where I didn’t even make money from my music,” he fumed during a discussion with GTV’s Kafui Dey.

Shatta further stated that if the country had an organized music royalty system, paying taxes and other financial commitments would not have been a problem for artists.

“With all these things happening, when I talk about the royalty system nobody supports me, and it’s sad. Sometimes I feel like we are too scared to fight the problem and that is why I am vocal. I keep saying that if the government had done certain things for musicians, we would have been paying tax,” he added.