Healing comes from the mind which most pastors use – Kobby Kyei


Renowned Gh Blogger Kobby Kyei has unraveled the innate positive abilities of the human mind, hosted by Derrick Abaitey in the Mastering your Mindset series on konnected mind.

The publicist Kobby Kyei took us on a tour of our the human mind works especially concerning our beliefs and overall well-being.

In the ongoing discussion, Kobby Kyei pinpointed a most notable example within the realms of religion where this supposed man of god employs what he calls a trick to spearhead a healing process.

On numerous occasions, the congregants are offered some anointed water, oil, and some kinds of stuff to drink, bath, and other things after which they power the individual to believe and have faith that it will work out no matter what.

According to the popular blogger allowing the individual to develop his faith within is the key to waking the mind from a stagnant state

According to Kobby Kyei, by instilling a sense of faith and belief in the congregants, pastors effectively harness the mind’s potential to catalyze healing processes within their bodies.

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