I nearly believed in Cheddar until Sea to kumasi extension claim.


Popular radio broadcaster has spoken out against Nana Kwame Bediako also known as Cheddar ahead of his audacious claim that when elected he would extend the sea to the Ashanti region specifically Kumasi due to the hardship involved in shipping activities.

But vigilant Black Rasta is not gullible like the rest of the populace who will trust their hears than logic and practicality, the musician urged Ghanaians to be aware of any lies because they are the ones that suffer in the end.

He also insisted that he most nearly thought the young chap with his charismatic look had something special to offer Ghanaians till such a claim made him reconsider his vote even if it might have lacked practicality beyond all possible measures.

Nana Kwame Bediako running as an independent candidate made many dazzling promises to Ghanaians especially the youth target where he promised them milk and honey on a silver plater even when many didn’t trust him because they thought he was a bug by the old regime to anticipate events in the future.

The Youngman even professed he was nothing like Nam1 because of a similar appeal they have in connection but upon making such a claim it will definitely open the eyes of most Ghanaians who demand overnight progress in the economy.

Black Rasta is known for much criticism especially that which relates to his country, after the demise of Deputy Finance Minister John kumah, he spoke saying that such people needed no remembrance because he was part of a government that has entirely reshaped and mismanaged the economy.

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com