I was almost poisoined within my own cycle – Bishop Ajagurajah


Popular spiritualist of the Ajagurajah movement Bishop Kwabena Asiamah has revealed that he almost got poisoned by someone in his cycle but the efforts proved futile with God’s intervention.

Like always the enemy is within and the bishop stated that the very person who tried poisoning him was within his cycle of friends but as time goes on he has learned to be cautious of what goes in and out of his body.

“Someone attempted to poison me. The person was within my circle… Due to that experience, I have been drinking water from a glass bottle so that no one would have the opportunity to inject anything into it,” he said while speaking in a TikTok live video.

The Bishop is now in tune with the many ways people poison people and wants to alert the public before it happens to them.

He explained how some women use their breasts as a means of poisoning people, especially men during intercourse.

“I have said that poisoning is not done through food or drink anymore. There are so many ways of going about it. Some women even apply the poison to the tips of their breasts.

“So I admonished the people in the Ajagurajah Movement to stop sucking women’s breasts. I warned the public to be cautious with poisoning some years ago but I was chastised and taken for granted,” he added.

According to the grapevine, it has now become a common thing here people are poisoned just like that, looking at it it is the least most suspected or noticed.

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com