I will drop anyone who is not good to me even my dad – Dulcie Boateng


It was just a week ago when popular Snapchat sensation also known as the queen of Snapchat revealed to us the reasons that led to the divorce of their parents even though she never went into details of the matter.

Dulcie Boateng has again been vocal but this time she specifically throws the word to all those who are not good to her and, by all means, drops anyone who is not good to her including her birth father who she professes was never good to her.

Yesterday on Saturday the Snapchat star said her Daddy was never good to her and remembers instances where they used to constantly fight., she said this on the popular Delay Show.

Her Father worked as a carpenter, and Dulcie made money after selling items on Snapchat where she used to live together with her parents at Asylum Down which is a suburb of Accra.

Dulcie however upon making money left her parent’s abode and relocated to Agbogba which is also a suburb of Accra, she took her mother with her and dropped the father off.

She went on vacation to Singapore after informing her Mother but never her father.

Dulcie Boateng’s father was a carpenter. Until she made money from items she sold on Snapchat, she was with her parents at Asylum Down, a suburb of Accra.

When asked if the narrative would have been different if her father were a wealthy politician, Dulcie, in conversation with Delay, the host of the show, asserted that she wouldn’t have hesitated to distance herself from her father regardless.

“I have no problem dropping people,” said Dulcie who is often referred to as ‘Queen of Snapchat’. “It’s not that big of a deal. You can be my daddy, you can be whatever person in this world, if you’re not good to me, I will drop you.”

She continued: “My dad was not good to me. He didn’t do things that daddies should do. I think he didn’t prioritize me. I felt like it was just me. He definitely had favourites and I wasn’t one of them.”

She admitted to being stubborn and probably not being in the good books of her father as a result. She, however, had an explanation for her stubbornness.

“Yes, I’m very stubborn. Regardless, I’m your child. I was stubborn, I regarded his remarks but when it’s wrong, I don’t think it’s right,”

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com