It is hard to know that Paul Pogba has been band for 4 years.


life is not cruel it is our relationship with people the environment that evokes cruelty, France might have been blessed with many talent  but after Zidane made the midfielder a priceless position to play all eyes were on Paul Pobga to have a king Career.

Maybe the hype got in his heard at a very young age because Manchester United Coach Sir Alex Ferguson back in 2012 professed that the player and his agent had showed no sign of respect to the team and how truthful he was because since Pagba’s days at Trocy and Le Havre he has always been an arrogant character lacking choices.

Ginluca Buffon stated that the player used to leave them mouthwatering because of his physique and skills and above all the ability to have an influence on the game anytime.

The player tipped by the many to succeed failed a doping test at his second stint in Juventus and has been banned for 4 years, Pogba is done and buried perhaps this time his enemies have finally witnessed his burial.

Juventus are the winners because they signed him for free and he started one match and was also force to appear in a picture to show the fans he was getting ready but Maximiliano Allegri his head coach knows very well the player was pass his peak, too much injuries had hampered his genius.

Maybe it was his character and the ever unreasonable ego because he had previously made a statement saying

I want to make [the critics] eat their words,” he told Al Jazeera in September. “They can talk bad about me but I will never give up. I want to show them I’m not weak.

“Football is very beautiful, but it’s cruel. People can forget you. You can do something great – the next day, you’re nobody.”