It is only the thoughtless who show their pregnancy to the public – Bishop Ajagurajah


Bishop Ajagurajah who is the general overseer of the Ajagurajah movement has given an insight into the people who are fond of showing their pregnancy to the public eye deeming them unwise and ignorant.

He cautioned pregnant women to desist from showing their pregnancy to the public due to the harm that may inflict them after giving birth.

To further support his claim he reiterated how a substance found in the camera known as mercury is capable of causing perpetual damage to the child hence the prohibition at all costs, he narrated his views on Tik Tok telling pregnant women specifically to be aware of such ignorance.

“Only unwise women would do photoshoots when they are pregnant. This means they lack wisdom. Do you know that we don’t take pictures of a pregnant woman? The camera has mercury, so some people would give birth, and their children would be suffering from sickness.

“In the olden days, pregnant women were not allowed to take pictures. Some people’s children are suffering. Have you ever asked yourself why a camera could capture a spirit being? It’s because of the mercury,” he said.

Meanwhile, it has become a recent trend for celebrities to display their baby bumps to the public on social media.

Ajagurajah believes the act should not be tolerated in the public domain due to the negative impact on the unborn baby.