It was a smooth path in my music career – Reggie Rockstone


Maybe readers might argue later about Reggie Rockstone’s claim of having had it easy when he was being ushered into music back then but they should stop and think again about what the legend gained by saying this.

Popular Hip life musician Reggie Rockstone also known as the Godfather of rap has disclosed to Abeiku Santana’s Atuu show program, insisting that unlike many musicians who face torrid times in the underground music chamber before getting their star shine he on the other hand had it easier starting the music career.

According to him, he was privileged to have had a father who worked in the music space thus, he never had to beg for a push to make a name in the music industry.

“For me, it was a walk in the path. Like I keep telling you, I was blessed. My father was an executive producer. I never had to beg anyone for a push or something. I got everything on a silver platter. I would be lying to you if I said I faced any challenges when I started music. That is why a lot of people say I am so relaxed. It is my talent,” he said.

Like always Reggie Rockstone was responsible for the rise of many prominent artists in Ghana and for twenty years he had worked with a host of artists like VVIP, Sena Dagadu, and KK Fosu among others.

Aside from music, the Highlife singer has ventured into the food business, where he has opened a restaurant called “Rockz Waakye,” which he manages with his wife.