Jack Alolome incurs Obambour’s wrath as pastor threatens a curse


Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom known in the limelight as Opambour has vowed to inflict a curse on gospel musician Jack alolome for disrespecting his darling wife on live radio.

The pastor has made it clear that all necessary parties involved in the disrespectful act towards his wife have a week to apologize or have themselves to blame for any curses that may befell them.

“Let the owner of the station listen, I will curse you with the power of God, I will curse your work, I will curse your wife and I will curse your offspring with the power of God. Listen again, the host of the program, I will curse you with the power of God, I will curse your wife and curse your children. Everybody else in the studio, I will curse you and your entire generation. If I don’t hear anything before next week, I will curse your life and destiny,” he fumed.

He loves his wife and will never accept any ill treatment towards her.

JacK Alolome stems his claim from an accident he deems to have happened in the pastors church premises some time ago in the past

Jack Alolome recalls the incident where the pastor ordered his junior pastors to sniff out a  flatulence he suspected was carried out accidentally by a church member and even adds that the pastors wife was equally suspected to passed on this vile gas.

“Opambour is a very sharp guy with a sharp eyesight. We were sitting and all of a sudden, he asked that all the pastors stand up. ‘Can’t you see [sic] this place is smelling? Who has flatulated here? Pastor Chief, sniff everyone’s buttocks,” the gospel musician recounted the alleged words of Opambour.

“So he had to bend his head and sniff everyone out one after the other. He [Opambour] even said “Sniff my wife too, I don’t trust her,” he said.

“Apparently it was not any of them but rather the guy playing the drums. He had removed his shoe so the smell was coming from there… so they told him it was the drummer and he asked how much they had been paying the drummer which he was told GHC100 daily. He instructed that ‘give him GHC200. Come for the GHC200 and leave here, you can join whichever church you like but don’t ever come back here again. If you joke, I will curse you and you will only be set free in your grave’ to which the entire church shouted Opambour,” he said.

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com