John kumah was not an honourable man – Black Rasta


Outspoken and controversial Musician Black Rasta has made his intentions known regarding the untimely death of one of NPP’s leading members and figure John Kumah.

According to the media personality, the diseased failed as an honorable man and thus deserves no remembrance of whatever kind.

Black Rasta said that the deceased perhaps forgot to cement his ties with this corrupted regime but rather was part of a government that in every way mismanaged the economy.

He further stated that John Kumah should have resigned seeing that he was in ill health but the fact he swore allegiance to the Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo government instead of his government shows he was not an honorable man even though he was a preacher eventually labeling the deceased a ”hypocrite”.

He further empowered the populace to ignore praising the dead especially those who left a negative impact on the country.

“John Kumah was not a hero. As long as he served under the dirty dictator, Nana Akufo-Addo and never resigned, he is not an honourable person to me. I understand he left six children and a wife. I sympathize and empathize with them but a bad man is a bad man. We have to stop this foolishness of all of a sudden eulogizing and praising dead people. A dead hypocrite is still a hypocrite.

“When we start shaming and naming all these dead people who have not served the nation in any good measure when they are alive, they will learn a lesson. People who visited us with harm and danger when they were alive. The moment they die, they become Saint Gabriel. I am not part of those people,” he remarked.