Kanyamata is my favourite and i use it – Dulcie Boateng


Renowned Snapchat star Dulcie Boateng also known as the Queen of Snapchat has disclosed to us on the Delay show that she is specifically interested in using Kayanmata to enhance her sexual libido and again endorse it as a brand.

She has been vocal of late and for the past week gave insight about her personal life like circumstances that led to her rise in the mainstream media and her humble origins, not shy but precise she hails from Asylum Down before with parents but a sudden twist of faith eventually led her to pursue her dreams, she emphasized that her father who was from Brong origins treated with an iron fist and thus she had no choice but leave the house.

The stars were kind to her as she started selling stuff on Snapchat which eventually led to her rise as an influencer she even began endorsing brands and then the money started following like a lull before a storm.

Now she can taste the very riches of life thanks to the money she makes and even afforded a Ranger Rover for her dear Mother.

she explained further

“I advertise for brands that sell sex toys. I do [endorse them on my platform]. When I’m paid [to sell sex toys], I do,” she said.

She was however bold to state her sexual preference on if she sells the product Kayamata, without hesitating she answered with a big yes

she explained further about the many benefits it offers her.

“I know this is going to get out of context,” she said after taking time to think about the question asked. “There is some part of kayamata that I’m okay with. Like the candies… It makes you wet [when you eat it]. It also makes you enjoy sex tremendously.”

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com