Kobi Rana is suffering from an incurable disease in fashion sense – Charlie Dior


Charlie Dior has made it a personal concern to officially call out A-lister movie maker Kobi Rana for failing to live up to the standard deserved by an important personality.

The rapper reiterates that Rana perhaps doesn’t fancy his image that well but hints at an impending danger that might derail his career should he always neglect his outward appearance, he however urged Kobi Rana to stop wearing out-of-fashion clothes.

 On Kobi Rana’s Instagram page, we witnessed the actor wearing a pair of black palazzo trousers with a white singlet and a long-sleeveless kimono.

Looking so cool with a pair of 5 Cedi sunglasses and a silver chain.

But the Youtuber insists the fashion taste is way below the reputation of Kobi Rana.
He said Kobi’s outfit looks cheap and exudes low effort.

Charlie Dior during his YouTube show expressed, “Kobi Rana is suffering from an incurable disease in fashion. Because what is this? Kobi Rana, this is terrible. The sleeveless kimono is not working for me. It looks like a sack of flour.

“The palazzo pants don’t work, the GH¢5.00 sunglasses don’t work, Kobi you look like a street walker. I need you to dress like a powerful director, an A-list movie maker. This is not giving. I will walk past you if I see you wearing something like this in town.”

He continued, “I cannot take you seriously in this look. I think dark colours will work for him. Well-fitted looks will work on him. This pair of palazzo pants isn’t it. What was the budget for this entire look? GH¢55?”

He pleaded with Kobi to look at his foreign counterparts who are always in tune with their fashion sense and spend heavily on it too thus prolonging their career