Kuame Eugene has finally recovered


Aisha Haarun had a doctorate license suspended after she revealed to the public and fans of the rockstar that their star was injured and hence needed prayers and heartfelt wishes only to have ended up breaking an ethics code of patient confidentiality.

it has been a week now and the rockstar revealed himself to the public and his fans telling them that he is ok the most inspiring thing is that he showed himself together with his musical gadgets all ready to compose a new song according to the picture he showed.

He said

The photos were published with a text that read, “I want to say thank you to God, My family, the staff of UGMC, and all of you for your prayers, your positive thoughts, and your acts of kindness. The support and love that I received have been breathtaking and beyond my expectations.”

The rumors are mostly spread when an important figure suffers a mishap, this is supposed to alert the market so that people reach out more to this scenario, assuming Kuami Eugene who has a fanbase of about 10,000 gets into a problem the press estimates that all these people will engage his story the hype even though it might just be a small matter.

Aisha Haarun meanwhile has learned her lesson and will never repeat such a mistake even though it was initially meant to help the artist and ended up taking her job.

The Onus is now on Kuami Eugene to rise from the accident and like always produce a song about the ordeal.

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com