Kuame Eugene supported by producer to sue Kwame Yogot




A piracy attempt has been nullified by a young music producer known as Poppin, this is related to the hitmaker’s recent accident recovery scene when he quickly released a song to honor God for preserving his life.

Another artiste by the name of Kwame Yogot however claimed ownership of the song and claimed he together with Kuame Eugene had decided to release the song but the latter removed his verse and made the song his alone.
The producer is urging Kuami Eugene to sue Kwame Yogot for tarnishing his image.

“You know the song is not yours, and you have no idea about the song. Me, who is the producer, I’ve not spoken. Making people post these things is not good. You should think about the future and stop doing this thing. If I were Eugene, I would have sued you. You are a big brother, so think about what you do and the effects,” he said.

This is not the first time we have artists claiming ownership over songs, it has happened before and continues to happen and until one becomes smart enough and capitalizes on his song it will also be stolen, even abroad.

There is no guarantee whether a song will hit or not but when it hits the one who does the major work feels more attached to the song than the other and in the case of Kuame Eugene we know.