Kwaku Manu insists for everything to work , Funny face must listen to advice.


Kwaku Manu has weighed in on the traumatic circumstance surrounding his compatriot Funny Face, the comedian has for most of his life encountered emotional pain and pain ranging from his personal life where his baby mama Venessa for some reason unknown seems to be drifting away with their kids.

The situation has become so serious that the comedian had to be put in a psychiatric hospital after he was judged by a court for not being mentally sound.

Even after his release, Yaw Benso his real name has not fully recovered from this emotional pain and yesterday was involved in an unfortunate accident where video footage depicts he injured a woman two kids, and two persons on a motorbike.

Speaking ahead of the incident Kwaku Manu told the comedian to listen to advice when it’s given and should swiftly implement it for the better.

Kwaku Manu urged Funny Face to cling to advice and remain focused in life, by doing so, he will overcome the difficulties he is grappling with.

“Funny, I don’t want to go deep into issues concerning your life, but I would advise you to be vigilant. If not, it will get to a point where Ghanaians will dislike you. I can relate to your pain because it’s not easy to be famous without money.

“My biggest problem with you is that you don’t listen to advice. Some of the insults you directed at your ex-wife Vanessa and her mother has made some women despise you till date,” he said.