Kwesi Pratt jokinly demands some compensation after the former president used his famous ‘Jack Toronto’


The outspoken managing editor of the Insight Newspaper Kwesi Pratt has questioned former President Mahama for choosing to use the name Jack Toronto on the current president, he sees it as humorously unfair.

“We all know that my nickname is Jack Toronto so why has former President Mahama given it to President Akufo-Addo without my permission…he’s just taken it away; no permission or copyright, why??? he queried.

John Mahama was speaking in Tamale as part of his ”Building Ghana Tour” and insisted that among the people in government involved in Ghana’s economic woes, none can be excluded and all are involved in our economic meltdown, specifically targeting the New Patriotic Party members

According to him, “All of them they inside, Jack Toronto and all his small brothers are part of the mess that we are going through. None of them can escape responsibility, none of them because they have all been a part of this. They all sat in cabinet together, they all took those decisions together. Anytime they were going to borrow from the Eurobond market, they approved it in cabinet”.

Former President John Mahama has been a constant critic of the Nana Addo government holding them primarily accountable for the economic blunders.

Early Akuffo Addo relieved the finance minister of his duties and dramatically reinstated him as the president’s advisor, one asks why upon all the mess the former finance minister put the country through he has been chosen as a president’s advisor and with an already bad record about finance one wonders whether he will succeed with the advisory role.