Like Afua, Chef Faila’s cook-a-ton attempt was unsuccesssful


Chef Faila Abdul Razak’s cook-a-ton was unsuccessful according to the Guinness  World Records, and her quest to be recognized as the person ever to cook continuously non-stop has been deemed not up to standard.

Kafui Dey who is the coordinator for Faila’s cook-a-ton marathon issued a signed statement saying that Faila’s attempt just couldn’t meet the requirement of the Guinness World Record.

“The attempt, which captivated audiences worldwide, unfortunately fell short of meeting the stringent guidelines set forth by Guinness World Records. A statement from the Records Management Team cited a violation of the rest break rules, resulting in an unsuccessful attempt,” the statement dated Sunday, March 3, 2024, stated.

While expressing gratitude to individuals and brands who supported her attempt, the statement said Chef Faila remains undeterred and “committed to continuing to push boundaries in this culinary journey.”

In her attempt to break the world record for the longest cooking marathon, Chef Faila started cooking on January 1, 2024, at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, and cooked for 227 hours non-stop, until January 10, 2024.

Chef Faila made Ghana proud though, promoting our music and culture while cooking with a smile on her face, she attracted a lot from celebrities and even the common folks alike, even politicians backed her, and everyone present probably had his or her fair share of the meal.

We are yet to see what her reactions will be in the coming weeks and hope she does not lose strength but finds happiness in at least wanting to do something with her life.