Monica’s Checks Ray J OVER $100m Brandy Tour Comments: ‘Stop Speaking On Me’


Monica has disclosed to Ray J to desist from spreading the grapevine with talks of a possible tour with her and Brandy which according to him will fetch millions of dollars until he speaks to her personally.

The conversation was originally sparked by Ray J in the comments of an Instagram Live section by Monica’s.

“I’ve been repeatedly contacted about interviews ect where my name and tour possibilities are being discussed!,” “The Boy is Mine” singer wrote in a lengthy post. “I’ve not received any contracts or calls about said tour. @rayj I’m kindly asking you to stop speaking on me in public! A private conversation would both be necessary and respectful! Brandy is a LEGEND! She’s one with an extensive back catalog that I deeply respect & a voice sent from heaven.

“The conversation being had without she and I is beginning to muddy the waters severely! She and I are both consummate professionals that share a massive recording as well as an entire era! Please allow this to remain positive and beautiful! Neither should open, we should give someone else that opportunity and co-headline a massive shared stage if this is to ever happen. Any further convo should be private!”

She later added: “I get it, I will forever be the “bad guy” in this situation and no one will EVER pay attention or read/ listen to understand !!! I have no issues with anyone but it’s not real unless there’s a deal!!! There’s no 100 mill. No contract.

“Media outlets calling for comments about an imaginary tour & this unfairly spikes the excitement of our supporters and the insinuation that the hold up of said (imaginary) deal taking place is, ME ! The breakfast club interview is the first I’ve acknowledged of the antics ! We both deserve the respect of real business being done.”

Ray J, who is Brandy’s brother, had earlier appeared on The Breakfast Club and said that the tour could bring in $100 million for each artist.

He then said: “I mean, of course Monica would have to open, right? Somebody has to come out first. Brandy ain’t having that, either.”

He also commented on Monica’s livestream: “Brandy/Monica tour – please let’s make history, one run for the fans – 100m plus for the both of you.”

This isn’t the first time the Atlanta native has had to set the record straight about a rumored performance.

On February 4, she spoke with Billboard at the 2024 Grammy Awards, where she revealed that she was just as surprised as her fans about being included in the lineup announcement for the 2024 Lovers & Friends Festival.

“Well, I’m looking forward to the festival. I’m thinking that maybe someone will call me and actually book me — the correct way,” she said when asked about her involvement with the Las Vegas festival.

“I don’t have any beef with them,” she added. “We did great business before, so if you give me a call, we can work it out.”

The news came on the heels of both Mary J. Blige and Juvenile finding fault with the festival’s lineup.