Mr Ibu, a natural entertainer who only took delight in acting.



Popular Nollywood actor John Okafor commonly known as Mr Ibu has officially passed on to the other world but the circumstance that led to the death of this mercurial entertainer will leave many speechless.

This lovely soul had much to endure as a person, he attracted the wrong type of people in his life, from career choices to his personal life even the family he made, indeed they say a man is never born free.

His first wife divorced him and took away his savings, His Second wife accused him of sleeping with his daughter Consequently he suffered from diabetes and had blood clotting and dead blood vessels in his leg his daughter squandered monies meant for his surgery, His wife still asked for iPhone 15 while he was dying, He sold almost all his properties, His leg was eventually amputated finally, he dies abandoned with no wife, no properties, no money, and no legs.

On a much meditative nature one can see and witness that this was a soul that cared for nothing except acting, entertaining, and putting laughter on people’s faces was his sole mission in life but perhaps he was the love he was looking for.

To think that Mre Ibu attracted dishonest people is a sad story and shows that we must be very careful with the people we dine and leave with because the mind always changes its state, and desire eventually brings jealousy and subsequently envy.

Anyone can learn from this and accept that no matter the love you give to others they may not see it because you have always been the love you are looking for.