“Nana Aba says we should shut up” EL Citizen Vigilante writes — Nationaltelevisiongh.com 




Henry Fitz had one of the biggest weddings in Ghana. It happened in 2019. Several top Ghanaian musicians performed at the wedding. It was a class act.

Henry booked the entire Royal Senchi Hotel for three days, (let that sink in). I don’t know the source of his wealth, but that’s what he did. He was loaded, and slayer queens love loaded guys!

Serwaa Amihere was at the wedding. Rumour has it that Henry’s wife recommended to Henry that since she was a big fan of Serwaa, she would like her to be the Master of Ceremony for the wedding.

Well, the MC gig was given to Serwaa. But somehow, Serwaa ‘outsourced’ the role of her boss, Nana Aba, and one other. Serwaa knew she’d be busy with Henry on his wedding day. You get what I mean (if you don’t gerrit, forgot about it).

Serwaa was literally in charge at the Royal Senchi Hotel during the wedding. After the wedding, She travelled all over the world, having fun with a married man. Sleeping in costly hotels designed for Arabian kings and even got a Range Rover as a gift, among other things. On top of that, she got a 2.5k daily ‘bortors’ maintenance fee. By 2021, Serwaa collapsed the marriage.

All these were done by our sparkling angle on TV. She comes across as a virtue preacher. “Don’t call a man you’re not dating after 9 p.m., bla bla bla…” She’s always advising people on TV and social media. Now, time has revealed that the virtue preacher is, after all, nothing but a fortified purveyor of vices. Such an enticing hypocrite!

Quickly, Nana Aba says we should stop talking about Serwaa and talk about the “63-year-old priest marrying a 12-year-old” saga. Nana Aba is not aware we’re done dealing with that issue. Because she’s an active participant in the crime Serwaa has committed, she doesn’t want the matter to be kept on the front burner. Birds of the same feather!

People who appear on TV to educate and inform citizens are expected to know better and keep their act together. People who regularly talk to the public about the need to live a good life and the importance of good choices must live above reproach. People who serve as brand ambassadors are supposed to live exemplary lives. People with questionable character must be kept off the screen.

Nana Aba is a mentor to Serwaa. Serwaa, too, is now a mentor to many young ladies out there. Both publicly carry themselves as responsible celebrities; this is something we’ve all grown to admire. They’re seen together everywhere. Lots of young ladies put pressure on themselves with the hope of becoming like them.

Today, Serwaa has been exposed. She slept with someone’s husband for five long months. She drained the man completely and collapsed the marriage. She destroyed the home of another woman. Instead of advising her to apologize to the public (especially those who look up to her) and resign from GhOne TV as a way of showing regret for her appalling conduct and also as a way of telling her followers that bad choices have consequences, Nana Aba is rather telling us to shut up.

Such a shame. A simple Photoshop got Nana Aba fired from TV3. Yes, misleading the public with her negligible private football gaffe got her fired from TV3. Why was she fired over Photoshop? Because of journalistic standards. Code of conduct. You must have integrity. You must be ethical in your conduct.

Today, Serwaa is involved in a sex scandal. Instead of Nana Aba using her experience to get Serwaa to do the needful, she’s rather defending her shameful conduct. Indirectly, Nana Aba is telling the young people Serwaa has been influencing that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Serwaa’s conduct.

Now, everybody knows what Serwaa does: A bedroom service provider who takes 2.5k daily as ‘bortors’ maintenance fee. Prostitution in a professional way. A slay queen journalist who uses her beauty to destroy marriages.

No serious media house will keep such a character on their screens. No serious brand will associate itself with an ambassador with a broken character!


Source: Nationaltelevisiongh.com