No one wants be around bad company – Kwadwo Sheldon


According to seasoned journalist Fiifi Kwesi Pratt Hajia4real’s friends have started deleting pictures they took together with the Socialite on social media.

In an interview with Youtuber Kwadwo Sheldon, the highly critical journalist termed it disloyal on the part of her friends for betraying their friendship.

Following news of Hajia4Reall’s guilty plea and its aftermath discussions, Fiifi Pratt observed, “Looks like Hajia4Reall’s friends are deleting pictures they took together from their social media pages. Why are they doing that? What happened to loyalty?”

Perhaps no one wants to be in the bad company during these hard times, the Youtuber was quick to defend Hajia4real’s friends citing the need for people not to have any  negative image tarnish their own

Kwadwo Sheldon also emphasized that it is within human nature for people not to associate with failure.

“It’s because no one will like to associate themselves with you so as for your issues to rub off them. If you were friends with Pablo Escobar, would you post him? Nobody will associate themselves with failure; that’s how people are. As for loyalty, nobody is loyal.

“This can break her. For someone who has lived an affluent life, this is tough. Because the switch was crazy, and if she’s not psychologically prepped…,” Sheldon responded.

Following her involvement in a $2 million romance scam targeting older and single Americans, Mona Faiz Montrage also known as Hajia4Reall, entered a guilty plea on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, in a U.S. Magistrate court.

The popular Ghanaian socialite only pleaded guilty to count 5 (Conspiracy to receive stolen money), which exposes her to a maximum of five years imprisonment.

Per the US Constitution, count 5 (considered a third-degree felony) is a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment of one year or more.

Hajia4Reall’s six other charges are the ‘Attempt and conspiracy to commit wire fraud’, ‘Fraud by wire, radio or television’, ‘Money laundering, fraud, and other conspiracies’, ‘Money laundering, fraud, and others’, ‘Sale or receipt of stolen goods, securities money’ and ‘Felony’.