Oboy Siki reveals reason for celebrating birthday in the cemetry.


Nana Kofi Agyeman the popular Kumahood actor has caused a stir online when he defied the odds to celebrate his birthday in the cemetery instead of the normal traditional way.

The actor trended online when a video of him cutting the cake and pouring libation popped up online where many criticised him for being always controversial.

But he defended is acts sighting it as a calling from the spiritual realm.

“It wasn’t for social media trends. Never. I don’t have to celebrate my birthday at the cemetery to get trends because I’m trending on social media every day. I made it public that it is my prayer for my Maker (God) to call me to rest this year 2024, and I had dreams from my ancestors, so they directed me to feed them on my birthday,” he disclosed.

He further explained that while his original plan was to carry out this homage in his hometown, practical considerations led him to choose the cemetery instead.

Oboy Siki said he is awaiting further communication from his ancestors, which he anticipates will come through his dreams.

“I don’t know whether my ancestors are satisfied with what I did for them or not because I’ve yet to hear from them, but I know they will definitely talk to me in my dreams very soon,” he stated.

Earlier, in a 2023 interview, Oboy predicted that he would die in 2024.

He however predicted that his death will be peaceful wont be as a result of any spiritual attack or the results of any ill-fated medicine

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com