Prophet Kofi Oduro empowers the present generation to uphold good values and fear the lord.


The founder of the Alabaster International Ministries couldn’t help himself by reacting to the ongoing saga of Hajia4real who is about to be sentenced by s US court judge with in cases related to romance fraud and scams.

The pastor spoke telling the youth of this era to refrain from activities that will endanger their life but should rather take out jobs that require human skill.

Speaking to his congregation, Prophet Kofi Oduro admonished members of the public to refrain from being more concerned about earthly desires, including accolades, and rather seek God to safeguard their salvation.

“That young lady [Hajia4Real] was arrested; from London to the US, and now waiting for a sentence. People are sitting in their homes and talking nonsense online about her due to her involvement in money laundering. This generation is mad because we want to be rich overnight, including the people in the church.

“This is the generation where people believe they can be successful without working hard. People are obsessed with winning awards like Grammys, VGMAs, and all that, but all these are vanity. We should work towards our salvation rather than focusing on earthly desires and wealth,” he advised.

United States Department of Justice (DoJ) reported that Hajia4real admitted to receiving fraud money from romance scams from her victims and this prompted Prophet Oduro to preach about it to his congregation

A DoJ statement dated February 21, 2024, read in part: “Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced the guilty plea today of Mona Faiz Montrage for her role in laundering the proceeds of a series of romance scams.

“Montrage pled guilty today to conspiracy to receive stolen money before U.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah L. Cave.,” the statement added.

Attorney Damian Williams said of the guilty plea: “Mona Faiz Montrage knowingly received money stolen from older Americans through romance scams and was arrested abroad and now faces serious consequences for her actions.

“Romance scams such as Montrage’s harmed her vulnerable, elderly victims not only in the cruel betrayal of trust in the realization that their online romantic connection was fiction, but by also callously stealing their money.

“This Office and our law enforcement partners are relentless in bringing fraudsters who target Americans to justice, no matter where they are,” he stressed.