Shata Wale empowers Funny Face to speak up ahead of emotional trauma.


The Dancehall God Shata Wale has revealed to Funny Face the comedian must be man enough and speak after he was engulfed in an accident, the issue Shata describes as more than a mere marital problem but that is deeply rooted in the creative industry.

The ‘Ayoo’ hitmaker expressed that it was time for all parties involved in the creative arts industry to break the duct that has plagued them for so long into the nemesis known as depression.

In a Facebook post, Bandana urged folks alike to embrace the art of speaking up and release all necessary emotions holding them back.

“The creative arts industry must break the cycle of self-punishment through depression and frustration. It’s time to speak up and seek help. What’s happening to Funny Face isn’t solely a marital issue; it’s indicative of deeper systemic challenges within our creative industries.

“Let’s acknowledge the dysfunction in our structures and stop pretending everything is fine. Speak up, it’s time for change!! Sorry, my brother Funny Face. May God see you through,” he said.

Shatta Wale’s comments add to the wider conversation around Funny Face’s mental well-being which has been reignited following his involvement in a bloody car accident in Kasoa in the Central Region.

Eyewitnesses reported that the comedian’s speeding vehicle hit three pedestrians at Kakraba Junction in Kasoa before colliding with the motorcyclists.

This resulted in injuries to several pedestrians, including a mother, two children and two adults on motorcycles.

Funny Face is currently in police custody while the injured are still receiving treatment at the hospital.