Some say he was the architect of football because of his artistry – Zindine Zidane


The France International born to Algerian parents who were immigrants brought something unique to the history of France football.

His way of playing in the early 90s was taken to somewhat of a ballerina a dancer who could even do things out of the ordinary, he will first be noticed at Cannes where his exploits quickly earned him a place at Bordeaux and the rest will be history, his infant coach use to lament how Zidane became insecure about how he wasn’t good in the air but on unleashing the attacking midfielder to do what he can all was set loose and he will even go on to score two goals with his head in the 1998 World Cup.

His compatriot and senior Michel Platini told Juventus where Zizou played after France 98 to use him as an attacking midfielder because they were not getting the best of him until they gave him his preferred position.

All Yazid will go on to win two Serie A titles after moving to Juventus in 1996 and then the call to Spain came on a piece of paper humbly requesting the services of the dancer by then and now current president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez.

Zidane’s record in football cannot be marched by anyone even as a coach where he won three Champions League in a row, they say some are born specifically to empower others, and for us writers who share thoughts of writing about this star bring these chills to the body and this feeling cannot be described in plain words.