Still an idol everywhere but for patroitism Ronaldo must retire.



Christiano Ronaldo is perhaps one of the greatest footballers to have graced the world, for more than a decade the Portuguese sensation has won and conquered everything there is to battle in football competitions except the World Cup.

Ahead of Portugal’s Euro 2024 campaign a series of friendly games has been organised starting with Slovenia where they lost by two goals and coincidentally when he was dropped against Sweden they won convincingly by 5 goals to 2, now critics argue whether the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player has finally lost his spark on the international stage or is the players who are fed up with him.

There is no doubt that the striker has passed his peak but on the market, he can still generate funds for his country, and if this is even true then the question of patriotism starts to trigger the idea that no one can be bigger than his country and the fact Ronaldo has achieved a lot for his country should not be a yardstick for to continue to slow his country down.

A typical example is against Slovenia, Ronaldo tried some tricky only to get stuck, and the counter-attack that arose from it eventually resulted in a goal.

It is time for him to hang up his bot and make way for promising Portuguese who can fit the system with their youth and skill plus the speed that is so deserving in order to match up the modern game.

Christiano Ronaldo is wise enough to know that his time is up which will be better for him to save some energy for club football and save the rest of the image his country has for him.