Stop such nonsense, STC boss blast poison claims for the late John Kumah


The death of NPP’s John Kumah has fetched public grievance leaving many to call it unnatural amid claims of a poisoning affair by members of his party and this has angered Nana Akomea.

The Kumah family were already aware of the ill state of their one who was already on his way to recovery until his health fell him and subsequently led the ambulance he was in to head for the Suhum hospital where he eventually perished.

His widow Apostle Mrs Lilian Kumah and six children are grieving but the grapevine keeps spreading the rumor that their dear one was poisoned, even the outspoken Journalist Captain Smart also stood by the claim and angered the STC boss who insisted all factions must stop such nonsense until an autopsy is out.

His window therefore called on the police department to hold all those responsible for such claims even rebuffing claims made by the founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Church.

But Mrs. Lilian Kumah has described Nigel Gaisie as a “cheap liar”, revealing that the Prophet already knew her husband’s condition.

“Nigel Gaisie was like a brother. He knows my late husband, lawyer John Kumah, personally, one-on-one. We have sat in this house and eaten together several times.

“That is how far we go. When he came from abroad to start a church in Ghana, he came to my church, Disciples of Christ Ministries, and I did a programme with him dubbed ‘Let the Prophet Speak’”.

“We know him very well and he has known since November 2023 that the late John Kumah was seriously sick. My husband had a lot of respect for men of God in this country, and that included Nigel Gaisie when my husband and I thought he was a genuine man of God,” the widow recounted.

Commenting on the issue during Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” morning show, Nana Akomea slammed the peddlers of the poison story to desist from it, emphasizing this behavior is “extremely annoying”.

He advised them to respect the bereaved family, describing the stories as “gibberish”.

“Stop this nonsense!”, he exclaimed.