The demolition of the Fantasy Dome was purely right and lacked no irregularities – A-Plus


Popular Ghanaian musician turn-journalist has spoken about the circumstances surrounding the demolition of the Fantasy Dome project by the Ghana Trade Fair.

A-Plus as always is after the truth and as a journalist and upon several investigations has bagged the government for embarking on the demolition which according to him was on a lease agreement that warranted that anytime the government needed it, it would be there.

He spoke on UTV’s United Show Biz hosted by Mzgee.

“I do not see where the issue is. They arranged a temporary lease of the land, and anytime the Trade Fair management needed the land for a project, they could come for it. That was why he used a temporary structure.

“As much as it’s painful that they had to demolish the Fantasy Dome, it is understandable because of the massive project there. They are building a 25,000-sitter capacity structure. They could have finished it but they needed to get the fantasy dome out of the way,” he said.

A-Plus, known for his critical views on government projects like the national cathedral, praised the redevelopment efforts at the Trade Fair, which include the construction of a 25,000-seater capacity structure.

He urged the public to support the positive developments despite the controversy surrounding the demolition.

“I’m not supporting the NPP government. I am a number 1 critic of the national cathedral, and I have even been hounding Socrate Safo about the Kumasi amphitheatres. But let’s deal with the facts, one of the best projects I would commend the government for is what they are doing for the Trade Fair. It’s nothing small,” he said.

“If the case is at court, let the court handle it, but for me, per the agreement that Trade Fair had with Fantasy Entertainment, what they did was understandable. We can criticize the government when they do something wrong, but if they’re doing something right, we should also praise them,” he said.