The greatest singer to have ever given his voice for free was Michael Jackson


They say everyone comes into this life with a purpose and this purpose has to be leaved before one achieves eternal peace on earth, with this reason one name comes to mind.

it become clear at an early age that Michael Jackson could sing and also bring peace to the world, his voice evokes peace as one witnesses genuine love and humanity from his soft lovely voice echoing in the chambers of creation.

Michael Jackson became the star of the Jackson 5 , it consisted of five brothers commuted to the cause of singing and entertaining the populace but until they had even gin popularity Michael Jackson was the icing on the cake.

Blessed with a charisma never seen before he eventually went Solo in 1979 with his album Off The Street.

He was the eight child of the Jackson Family who quickly shone among his siblings that he was set apart from the rest and that he need total detachment to attain his full potential.

Born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson was the eighth of ten children (one died shortly after birth) to Joseph (Joe) and Katherine Jackson. His father worked as a crane operator in a steel mill and his mother at a Sears department store. Music was the only way to escape from the shackles of poverty.

Among the songs he sang that brought peace to the world was Heal the World, a voice set apart from the rest but could heal deeper worldly wounds.