There are only few footballers who taught football as an art – Zidane


Football as a global game has increasingly gained attention and due to this most people are now giving it their all attention but perhaps there is one football who played the game as an artist, a ballerina, or music or whatever, it just made sense looking at the Frenchman on the television.

Brazil has always dominated football on the international scene till France popped up with a midfielder who would boss the very center of the pitch, the 1998 World Cup was the main avenue for Ronaldo to show the world what he was made of till Zidane stole the show with a timely hattrick and in what seemed like a movie only a few people even witnessed the Zidane show Because all eyes were on Ronaldo to deliver.

Former Brazil head coach Mario Zagallo insisted Ronaldo remain on the bench because he suffered an injury in the build-up to the game only for the Brazilian number 9 to insist he was fit to play.

Zidane’s steady progress from humility meant that we would witness football on a high level and the French team that won the World Cup and dominated Europe was spearheaded by a French man of Algerian descent.

As a coach, he won the Uefa Champions League three times in a row after taking over from Carlo Ancelloti.

There are only a few who can represent their club and country with such dedication and even though the 2006 World was the icing for the French man to bid farewell to the football world by winning it, the mercurial midfielder’s headbutt encounter with Italian Marco Materazzi resulted in a red card which meant that his team was one man shot and subsequently Italian won the world cup.

Zidane became a national hero citing that he loved his country but was never willing for anyone to disrespect his family.