This is the time ‘Funny face’ need us – Coka


A popular Npp member known as Coka but by the name Odeneho Kwaku Appiah has advocated for comedian Funny Face to not be neglected but rather given a second chance to fully blossom.

He shared his views on a Facebook post saying

He believes the man has contributed his quota to the creative industry and hence should be epitomized as a national asset instead of being neglected

“If you have not chopped something sweet before, you will always say your mother is a fool.” I was shocked when I saw this picture on social media. Ghana’s entertainment industry, pastors, and others, let us not help kill his dream because he is an asset to Ghana’s entertainment industry.

“Don’t let him die before we write long tributes about him. There is always a second chance in life, so Ghana’s entertainment industry, please let’s help bring Funny Face back to the industry. It is not too late. The entertainment show hosts, please don’t ignore him; he needs care, love and invite him to your showbiz programs. Funny face: when there is life, there is hope, and remember, we still love you, so do not mess up. Coka, I care.”

Meanwhile, Funny Face is currently in police custody after he was remanded for drunk driving, which resulted in an accident that has left five people hospitalized.

He has been remanded for two weeks in prison.