Three sacrificial lambs, Girl Group only had one capable winner – Rihanna



Rihanna is perhaps the one artist whose story from grass to grace will have many yearning for more.

From  a childhood trauma where Doctors  assumed she had a brain tumor but the trail and hardships where just preparing her for the better times to come perhaps she has realized it now.

The Barbados Government has officially declared Rihanna as a national hero due to her many charitable acts and her voice that has given her much blessing.

She became the second highest female artist of all time and after auditions with American Steve Rogers it was not the same anymore for Rihanna who became the chosen one among a group of three where her Spark according to producer Steve Rogers stood still.

With a net worth of 1.4 billion dollars Rihanna is currently the richest recording female artist and her Fenty perfume line is ever booming plus a clothing line too.

Def Jam were lucky enough to hear and sign a true song bird whose music has helped shape the concept of time, her love life with fellow artist and rapper ASAP Rocky has been a success and has yielded two kids.

It seems the heavens sometimes chooses to bless one in other to bless so many. Jay Z who was president of Def Jam at that time was persuaded by producer Steve Rogers  to quickly snap Rihanna before she leaves the recording studio, Rihanna waited till 3:00 pm before she assembled her lawyers to draft her a contract, Jay Z finally had an artist who is known as one of the most influential persons of all time according to Time Magazine.