Trade Fair boss told to explain her actions by Fantacy Dome owner Leslie Quaynor


Fantasy Dome owner Leslie Quaynor has spoken against the harsh treatment of the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited for unlawfully demolishing his project, he spoke with great worry and empowered the populace to judge for themselves whether such heinous acts were right in the face of the law.

“It’s very sad because there are several ways to do this. Ghana is a country of laws, you cannot destroy anyone’s property without a court order. Forget the fact that there is an injunction, which there is, how do you still do this and use National Security as your protection to do this and that’s what’s sad for me as a Ghaian businessman,” he said.

“In today’s age, you can just break into people’s properties with bulldozers and just destroy properties claiming it is an eviction, does this look like an eviction?” Mr Quaynor added.

He further reiterated that it was his genuine intentions to relocate the premises to a new place because his lease had expired.

“Obviously, this is a huge edifice, it is not something you just pick up and relocate. I have been looking for land, I need about 45 acres of land to move to and I have found a couple of places, especially at the University of Ghana, Legon. We are in the final stages of negotiating the lease, so I requested a 60-day extension from the trade fair,” he said.

He is still willing to pursue the matter at court alerting the La police upon which he was told the matter will be investigated.