Victoria Hamah insists love is nothing but a scam


Victoria Hamah who is the former deputy minister of communication and also a women’s rights advocate has labeled love a big scam in her opinion.

It is not yet clear what necessitated such a claim but she took to facebook to make her opinion known to the public, telling them that love and good health were worthwhile compared to unstable love.

She posted” love is a scam the only things that matter are love and health in a Facebook post.

Perhaps Vicotria is known for many controversial posts and earlier this year in January she advised women to drop the superwoman if not that very act robs them of their feminine qualities, a common threat she insists will turn the ways of nature against women

Ms Hamah, who has through her civil society organization, the Progressive Organisation for Women Advancement (POWA), fiercely fought for women’s empowerment, described being a superwoman as a “scam” to which women must not aspire.

Before switching to the ‘love is a ‘scam’ mindset, Victoria Hamah, some time ago wrote on social media, “Super Woman is a Scam! It robs you of your Femininity and turns you into a Man.”

We are yet to see what the situation is from her personal life after such a claim, it will noted that whoever says something refers to their personal life and experience and Victoria might have been emotionally scammed by an unknown person hence the Facebook post.

Especially in today’s world which barely holds friendship not to talk of love.