Vinicious Junior persecuted like a witch – Carlo Ancelloti


Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelloti has voiced his frustration towards the critics of Vinicious Junior saying his player has become a subject of witch hunt and the most persecuted player in the history of football.

In wake of their Champions League thrium against RB Leipzig, the Brazilain winger was critized for fowling Will Orban eventually culminating in a yellow card and against Valencia he was continously targeted by the fans in a torrid match that ended in a draw.

His coach though could not hold back and made his sentiments known.

He told reporters on Friday: “I’ve looked back a bit, at history, at statistics, and I’ve never seen a player who’s been persecuted like Vinícius. He’s kicked, he’s whistled, he’s insulted. And what does he do? He scores goals and provides assists. And then I’m supposed to talk to him about his attitude? No! Everyone should change their attitude regarding Vinícius. In my personal history, a player with great talent has never suffered the things that Vinicius has. In Vallecas [against Rayo Vallecano] he got karate chopped in the head, and there wasn’t even a yellow card. Now everyone is asking for a red card for the push against Leipzig.”

The players will remains stronger and in 26 games for the Los blancos he has 15 goals and assisted 7, not bad for a player who is emotionally abused on the pitch, a similar situation goes to Mario Ballotelli, a player who could shoot the ball anywhere on the pitch had a strange carrer due to this emotional power he had difficulties in keeping.